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Hypnosis for relationship issues

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The term relationship hypnotherapy is such a vague term with many applications. Many don’t realize the multiple ways hypnotherapy influences relationships and how they can benefit from the experience. Over the years I have assisted Hypnotherapy clients, friends, family and myself with the following relationship Hypnotherapy sessions:

  • Getting over an ex

  • Overcoming jealousy

  • Discovering and healing core issues tied to attracting toxic relationships so one can attract a healthy partner

  • Assistance in leaving toxic relationships

  • Forgiving and healing from infidelity

  • Repairing damaged relationships

  • Working with both parties in the relationship to deal with past or present issues

  • Repairing self after a relationship ends

  • Keeping and maintain a healthy relationship

  • Heal abandonment issues

  • Repair and heal conflict in blended families

  • Gain closure to death of loved one

  • Assist families in building and repairing long lasting relationships

  • Helping children feel whole and secure after a divorce

  • And more

Hypnotherapy works by accessing the subconscious mind where we hoard negative programing such as beliefs, associations, behaviors, habits, familiarity, patterns and memories.

Once in the subconscious we are able to pinpoint what negative programming is causing the unwanted problem. After gaining this clarity we are then able to program the positive opposite in our subconscious resulting in desired results. In sessions many women who attract abusive men will regress to memories of a male figure mistreating them (Sometimes it’s something minor like a classmate not sharing or more severe like being abused in some form). Being mistreated as a young girl resulted in subconsciously seeing abuse as familiar and so she now attracts abusive men as an adult. As a young girl, all the negative thoughts she thought during the event lodged in her subconscious mind as beliefs and the beliefs programed her to find men who are aligned with these beliefs attractive. If the same woman in the previous example experienced her brother ignoring her and breaking her toys, it can affect all her future relationships.

During these emotional events the young girl develops the beliefs that this is how she deserves to be treated, men ignore her, when she has something nice it is taken from her, men are mean, men don’t care about her feelings and so on. She will live her life not only attracting men that make her feel the way her brother did, but she will also have difficulty with ownership of their physical possessions. In Hypnotherapy she is able to put the positive opposite in her subconscious mind which is easy to do because I keep track of all the self-defeating beliefs. When her subconscious mind is flooded with self-loving beliefs such as “I deserve love and respect”, “I attract men who value me and give me the attention I deserve”, “Love and security is familiar”, she is automatically attracting men who are aligned with the new programming. Often times after receiving this healing, the woman finds herself no longer comfortable around toxic men.

Every Hypnotherapy session needs to be customized because everyone responds differently to hypnotherapy. This is especially true for relationship hypnotherapy which is why I cannot predict the number of sessions required for optimal results. A young child who is shy on the playground who has experienced a somewhat normal upbringing will need fewer sessions than a middle-aged man who can’t keep a relationship due to him seeing his mom with a different man every week and his dad leaving him at 2 years old.

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