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Allison Draney

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The purpose of hypnotherapy as a therapeutic technique is to help you understand and
gain control over your behavior, emotions or physical well-being.

My passion in Hypnotherapy started 12 years ago when I embarked on my journey of self-healing. As a young adult I was unable to function due to my unhealed childhood trauma.  I always wanted to be a traditional therapist but didn't feel ethical going into a field I didn't fully resonate with. Traditional therapy didn't provide the deep healing and tools I needed in order to obtain the permanent results I was seeking. From my therapy experience I felt like being diagnosed and learning how to cope wasn't deep enough. I wanted to fully heal, not just cope. To my surprise, my first hypnotherapy session proved to be more beneficial than all the years of therapy I acquired combined. Traditional therapy does have a place, it just wasn't a good fit for me. Providing something for others that I truly believe in is aligned with my integrity. Healing others is my passion. I continue my education by attending workshops, enrolling in courses, trading sessions with other professionals and extensive research. Hypnosis isn't just my career, it's my lifestyle. I live what I teach. My hypnosis program is an accumulation of other healing modalities I've practiced paired with my strong intuition. 

As a Board-Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I pride myself on facilitating client transformations, using a veriety of modalities. Helping you reclaim your life and step into your power.

Hypnotherapy is not some form of magic pill or quick fix either. It requires you to be committed to change and prepared to make the effort to make that change a reality.


By using a combination of revolutionary new techniques, and tried and tested processes that produce RAPID CHANGE, your journey with me is a totally unique experience.


Hypnosis is a natural and effective technique for accessing the subconscious mind - the key to unleashing our potential, changing our unwanted habits and behaviors and finding solutions to our problems and concerns.

The Subconscious part of the mind is where behaviors are crated and once installed run automatically. There are two ways of creating new behaviors. The first way is habitual repetition until the new behavior becomes a habit. The second way is via hypnosis and accessing the subconscious direct via the theta brainwave state.


Once you have achieved a trance state me the hypnotherapist uses many different therapeutic methods ranging from simple suggestions to psychoanalysis. For example, I may ask about past, present or future concerns to establish the reasons for the problem. Alternatively, I may give suggestions to the subconscious mind aimed at overcoming specific problems such as lack of self-confidence.


We will start by talking about your concerns and spend time going through any questions or concerns you may have. It is very important for me to help you feel comfortable, relaxed in a safe environment.


Goals for therapy are discussed and agreed and a full explanation of hypnosis is provided. Any questions or misconceptions about hypnosis would also be dealt with.

The length of treatments depends on the problem or symptom and your individual's circumstances.

The first session usually lasts two hours with subsequent sessions between an hour and an hour and a half. If sessions go longer, I don't charge more. I don't stop the hypnotherapy until you're done, even if we go overtime. I personally don't feel it ethical to stop a session before the healing is complete. 

Session amounts vary due to sessions being customized verses generic. Your subconscious mind leads the session at heals at its own pace. 

As seen on TV, Radio & Best of  Utah Body & Mind Magazine

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