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Tim Kelly


"Of all the healing modalities I've learned and coaching sessions I've had, my work with Allison has had more profound of an impact than any in helping me uncover deep truths about myself."

Emily Conneron 

"Allison is AMAZING. After just a few sessions I was already healed from a traumatic breakup, attracting better people, more abundance, and more good fortune in my life. I feel like a whole new person. She's given me so many tools to make my life the best it could ever possibly be!!"

Olivia Gibbons

"If you want to achieve your goals and get in line with everything you could possibly want... SEE THIS WOMAN! When I first came to visit Allison I didn’t know what to expect. I needed help and had traditional therapy since I was 11 years old, it didn’t work for me. I had a random idea, what about hypnotherapy. The statistics on her site are right. According to the American health magazine, hypnotherapy shows a 98% success rate after just 6 sessions. My life was in turmoil, I was jobless, living back at home with my family and my relationship was on the rocks. I found Allison and told her “I’m about to lose everything I love and worked so hard for.” She very calmly said “I can solve everything.” I was skeptical at how calm and confident she sounded but moved forward to seeing her. 6 sessions is all it took and I started my own business, (which the return on investment was tripled) bought a house with my partner, and had him desiring me and wanting to please me again. I gained everything back and then some. Now, I do what I love working for myself and maintenance sessions with Allison get my subconscious in line with everything I could possibly want. When I see her, the next day I have new clients contacting me and amazing opportunities popping up constantly. I can’t wait to see what else is to come, because I know it doesn’t end here! <<less" 

Aydın Ibrahim


"Allison helped me overcome childhood traumas and sleep better. Hypnotherapy worked better for me than traditional therapy. I saved thousands of dollars with Allison. Worth every penny! Go see her!"

Traci Anderson

"I took my teenage daughter to Allison after many failed attempts with "traditional counseling". Allison is an excellent hypnotherapist. She is very likable and my daughter loved going to her. She helped my daughter tremendously and I would recommend her to every parent!!"

John McCarthy

"I had developed what we could call severe social anxiety and it was crippling. I felt panic just thinking of being in a social situation; What would I say? What will people think of me? What if they see me turn red? What if, what if, what if? It became such a serious issue for me that I would have rather stayed home than to have dealt with the stress. It toll it took on my body. I knew it wasn't healthy. I knew that if I didn't face it that it would continue. I wanted help! After trying many different ways to fix it, I found a Hypnotherapist I was comfortable with and chose to try hypnosis, and it changed my life."

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