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What Is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation to access the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is comparable to a computer keeping record of your entire life. All of our programming is stored in and controlled by our subconscious mind. Deep healling occurs when we delve deep into the subconscious to uncover the negative programming so we can program in beneficial programming. It works by using your imagination and emotions. Having a good imagination is a sign of intelligence. When hypnotized you will feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful…. you will be aware and will hear things around you, it just won’t bother you. Some examples of naturally occurring trance are, if you are driving and miss your turn or exit because your mind is elsewhere. If you read a book or play on the computer and don’t realize how much time has passed, you have been in a trance state. If you see people with a blank stare, zoning out or you find yourself zoning out, that is a naturally occurring trance. Every normal person is already doing hypnosis, you just are not calling it hypnosis. That’s why I know if you are willing to cooperate and follow my instructions, I can hypnotize you and help you achieve your goal. 


How many sessions will I need?  Everyone is different and it depends on the individual. Many issues can be resolved in 3 to 6 sessions with most people. The more clients apply what I teach them, the faster they get through my program. My objective is to heal people and give them the tools to heal/program themselves so that they have lifelong tools.  


Can I Be Hypnotized? Have you ever watched the news? if yes, you've been hypnotized. We experience a state of hypnosis every morning when we are waking up and every night as we drift off to sleep.  Everyday people get hypnotized by the television, advertisements, from songs on the radio and even while driving their car.  Issues clients come to me to resolve were programmed in their subconscious minds in trance like states as children. Unhypnotizing is the majority of what im doing in sessions. 


Can I be controlled during hypnosis? Short answer, no. If I could control people via hypnosis, I would enjoy my son bringing me breakfast in bed every morning. You remain in control through the duration of the sessions. People can only be controlled in hypnosis if they don't know that they are in control. I only program things into your subconscious mind that are in alignment with your desires. If I were to accidentally give you a suggestion that didn't resonate, your subconscious would reject it. 

Whats the difference between Clinical Hypnotherapy and regular hypnotherapy/hypnosis? 

Clinical hypnotherapy is comparable to traditional therapy but in a trance state. We explore the subconsicous to unearth the root issues then resolve them. Non clininal hypnosis/hypnotherapy is just putting positive affirmations in the subconscious. People do get results with regular hypnosis but if the root issue isnt healed, it has a high likelihood of resurfacing.

How should I select a quality Hypnotherapist?


- Offering free consultations

-You feel comfortable with them

-Success treating what you are seeking

-Working on themselves & applying what they preach

-They are comfortable with you comparing hypnotherapists

-Offering referrals

-High reviews

-Respecting with your belief system vs imposing their own

- Nonjudgmental

-They listen to you

- Answering all of your questions

- You have rapport with them




- Feeling rushed

- Feeling pressured

- Your gut is telling you something is off

- Lacking confidence treating what you're seeking

-Bad reviews

-Marketing on Group on


* Disclaimer – Individual Results vary 

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