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Law of Assumption Youtube links

                                      You set your own pace on studying these materials. I do recceomend to                                                treat them like your favorite series and binge. These are playlists meaning                                            after a video is complete, another will start playing and so on. The videos                                            are people talking so you don't need to actively look at the screen, you can                                          do something else while listening. I do suggest taking notes. I personally                                              listen while I drive, walk my dog and while I'm at the gym. I do suggest listening to people explain the law of assumption prior to reading Neville Goddard's books so that you have the foundationals and applications down. Reading his books are optional. The majority of people who apply these techniuqes have never read Neville Goddard's books. Buy youtube premium if you don't want to listen to ads. You can also do other things on your phone while listenign to youtube with youtube premium. I recomend starting with the manifestation teachers I linked below before looking up other teachers. The ones linked below focus on Neville Goddards teachings where other teachers do stray from his teachings. Once you have these down you will be able to recognize if a teacher understnads the principles or not. You'll also be able to sift through whats actual law of assumtion and what is the teachers opinions. 

Law of assumption basic teachings. I suggest listening to ALL of the videos in the first two links. 

Law of assumption success stories with applilction and tecniques. This channel focuses on relationships but can be applied to any manifestation. You may resonate with some coaches over others. You can also cherry pick what videos apply to your situation. 




More advanced Law of assumption teacher for you overachieving nerds like me



Youtube has most of Neville Goddard's books on audio format. I suggest starting with " the complete reader" since it's a complitation of most of his books. If the audio book sounds like a deranged serial killer robot, then click on one that has a human reading it. You can change the speed of the video to speed it up or slow it down for retention and taking notes. Whatever you can't find on youtube should be on Audible. 

Getting emotions out of your body/emotional purging 



                            Do this when you're emotionally triggered!

                            - Close your eyes

                           - Focus on just feeling your emotions and the                                    sensations in your body. Sensations in your body are emotions. 

- If thoughts pop up, tell yourself you chose to feel and that will bring you back into the present.

- Do this until the emotions are gone (30 seconds to 2 minutes is pretty standard). 

How to get emotions out of your body when you're not triggered 

We can't always get the emotions out in the moment of being triggered. Life happens. Sometimes we're in situations like a family dinner where we can't be present and release emotions. It's important to still tend to these emotions. 

We all have past emotions we never released so this technique works for those as well. 

- Reactivate the emotion. This means to purposely trigger yourself into the emotions. Close your eyes and imagine being back at the time you were triggered. Think the negative thoughts, think about the event, allow yourself to use your senses and give yourself permission to feel it. 

- Once you're feeling the negative emotions, follow the steps above labeled " Getting the emotions out of your body/emotional purging". 

If you want to purge multiple past emotions, activate them then do the emotional purging then keep repeating. 







Watch the switchword video link below. 

- The link below is a list of switchwords. You can change the search results from 10-100 manually so its easier to navigate.


- You can type in keywords in the search bar to narrow down the searches. You may need to type in variations of what you're looking for to find ones that apply.


- I suggest chosing 3-7 switchwords to start with. One for each category you want help with. AFter you memorize those, you can always learn more. 

- Write down the 3-7 Switchwords that resonate the most so you can repeat them multiple times during the day. 

- You can write, think or say the switchwords outloud.

- Pairing switchwords with affirmations that fit that specific switchword is ideal. Especially affimations stated as questions. I do a few sentances of affirmations then the switchwords then repeat a few times. For example " why am I so healthy? Why is my metabolism so fast? What made it so easy for me to get fast results? Curve. Curve. Curve. Curve.Curve. 

- Think abuot our desired results while using switchwords

- I have a few switchwords that I don't repeat but only use when nessacesry. If I lose something, I use the switchword "reach". I also have some I use if im struggling to sleep or want to go deeper in meditation that i only use in those specific moments. 

How to ground

Go outside, sit on the ground and put your bare feet on the ground

Close your eyes

Take deep breaths

Imagine root like energy coming out of your feet and tail bone plunging deep into the earth

Visualize the root energy connecting to earths core, beautful white energy.

Imagine that energy coming up through the roots, up through your feet and tail bone and up through your entire body. Excess energy being expelled through the top of your head. 


imagine dark energy coming out of your feet being absorbed into the earth. 


You can imagine specific negative energies and emotions coming out through your feet or just imagine the dark energies


If you don't want to go outside, you can be inside and imagine you're outside 

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