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Hypnosis Training & Certification COurses 


All certifications, training and coaching are flexible customized to your schedule and specific needs to maximize YOUR learning and competency. Class sizes never exceed 15 students. This is more effective than sitting in a classroom with 30 other people and being afraid to ask questions, or worse, having multiple people dominate the conversations.  My focus and passion are on creating competencies, not mass certifications.

My certification programs are recognized and accepted by the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc., the largest, oldest and most prestigious hypnotist membership organization in the world. Its certification is the most widely recognized and accepted credential for the professional practice. When you send them documentation that you have completed my program, they will issue you their certificate upon paying their membership fee. 

My certification programs are the most comprehensive programs available nationwide. Besides state-of-the-art hypnosis techniques, you will learn metaphysics, energy healing, reiki, sound healing and law of attraction and power of intention techniques that are not offered in other courses - including powerful processes that I have developed and mastered over the years. My certifications surpass the curriculum and learning in all competitive certification courses. 

I will teach you how to market your services and create success.  You will receive free additional coaching after your certification to maximize your effectiveness.

If you would like to experience a hypnotherapy session to obtain a deeper understanding of what you will be doing, I will deduct the fee for that session from your certification fee.  This is not offered by other certification programs


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