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DISCLAIMER; Individual results may vary with salt lake hypnosis, smoking hypnosis, weight-loss hypnosis, stress hypnosis and all the hypnosis services we offer. 

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DISCLAIMER; Individual results may vary with salt lake hypnosis, smoking hypnosis, weight-loss hypnosis, stress hypnosis and all the hypnosis services we offer. 

"I was a 2 pack a day smoker, picked it up from the girl I married, it followed me through divorce and my deployments to Iraq. I always said "I didn't want to quit" or "I've got no treason to quit". One day I met Allison and she told me she could get me to quit in one visit and she had done it plenty of times before.

I was skeptical to say the least, not religious at all, didn't think "hypnosis mumbo jumbo" was real. I figured why not though, right? It's cheaper than how many cigarettes I was going through a month.

So I bought a pack of smokes in the morning (like I usually did) had one and headed over. Smoked one right before I went in for my session (there's no way I'm gonna stop, I NEED my morning cigarette).

After an hour with Allison, I walked outside, tossed my fresh pack of smokes in the trash and never looked back.

She made the unbelievable the believable."*

​-Michael R

"I have to say with my experience that has only been one time when a body demands a pack of smokes and the withdrawals are making it hard to focus and yet you go to coffee and go right home acting like you never smoked a day in your life now that is pretty impressive and like it too thanks to the lady who helped me as well."*


"Allison is warm, cordial, with great interpersonal skills which invoke a great deal of trust in her and her abilities. She displays an array of therapeutic skills that really helped me solve a lot of problems.  I felt like she was very understanding and nonjudgmental. I talk to lots of different people in the counseling and therapy business, as I am a psychologist, but not hypnotherapy. This was my first experience in that. I really love it! She did an amazing job!

It also helps that she charges by the session not by the hour. She is very kind and generous with her time which I hope customers appreciate.  I give her my highest recommendation with no reservations whatsoever. She is excellent at what she does! To her, I just want to say thank you and express my deepest felt gratitude for what you help me through." *

-Paul M

"I feel 50 pounds lighter just from my first session. She pulled out emotions and memories that I have pushed so far in to my subconscious that it's been impacting me my entire life. NOT anymore!

Whatever your mind can conceive
& believe, it will achieve!!

Thank you Allison!"*


"I've never been under hypnosis before, so my sessions with Allison were a new experience. For me, it was like a guided meditation in a state of relaxation that I've never been able to attain on my own. I gained a lot of clarity from working with her. If you've got that thing that's holding you back, that you can't quite figure out on your own, make an appointment with Allison Draney."*

-Paul D

"Allison helped me with smoking cessation awhile back. I started when I was 15 and have been a pack a day for most of my teenage/adult life. There were periods where I would quit for awhile (a few months here and there) but it always seemed to creep back up on me. Anyways, uncovered a lot with Allison and I'm so glad that I met her. If you're having doubts about hypnotherapy and it's effectiveness, I've been cigarette free now for over a year. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to change their life and become a better person. Also on a side note not related to her work, she is very pleasant, supportive, and I enjoy keeping in touch with her."*

​-Dyani S

"I took my teenage daughter to Allison after many failed attempts with "traditional counseling". Allison is an excellent hypnotherapist. She is very likable and my daughter loved going to her. She helped my daughter tremendously and I would recommend her to every parent!!"*

​-Traci F

"I went to Allison's Hypnotherapy to help with stress and fatigue. As a private investigator my days are sometimes stressful with unpredictable hours and Allison was able to help identify the core issues and teach me how to self manage them. I now sleep like a baby and awake ready to take on the day."*

-Rob J

"Great hypnotherapy. After 2 sessions I went from smoking a pack a day to not even craving cigarettes. I highly recommend this to anyone."*

-Jason D