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Personalized MP3's are included with Hypnosis sessions. I am the only Hypnotherapist in Utah that includes free customized hypnosis MP3's. Many Hypnotists are fear that supplying a hypnosis CD leads to faster results which would result in less sessions. Less sessions means less money for them. Luckily for you, my clients well being comes first and I take pride in my fast results. I already get more than enough business, repeat clientele and referrals to worry about people .healing too fast. I do admit that I benefit from faster results due to the number of referrals regularly sent to me. 

Parts of our hypnosis session is included in the MP3 along with more content that I implement to it after our session. The whole hypnosis session isn't recorded because some parts of the session are best not to be placed back in the unconscious mind. I record the parts of the session that includes the subconscious reprogramming, positive reinforcements and new behavior patterns. Content that I add after the session is always aligned with your goals and reinforcing what we did in the session. 

Although I prefer MP3 format because it is faster to make and easy to email, personalized cd's are available upon request. Plan on your session taking a little longer if you wish to obtain a cd instead. 

Free Hypnosis MP3 or CD